Monday, 14 December 2015

Shawls and Knee Highs

Its officially December and also my favourite month of the year as its CHRISTMAS MONTH! I love everything about Christmas, mainly the food and the gift giving though. I thought it was time to get a little more wrapped up on the blog and since I haven't shown you my favourite pair of Zara boots. 

I have never believed in love at first sight until I spotted these beauties in the summer and instantly needed them, they are the most flattering and beautiful boots I have ever owned, also they are brown and I don't actually own any brown boots even though most of the clothes are brown shades! 

I kept it simple with a little top from Primark and it's such a lovely top, it looks as though it could be from Toyshop easily! I then wore my favourite blue river island tube skinnies and threw on a shawl because let's face it, who doesn't like to wear a blanket outside! This cape was from Matalan last year however the high street is full of them so I am sure you can find one similar. 

Teamed with some simple accessories such as my watch from Guess which I got for my 21st Birthday and then my beautiful Kate Spade suede bag I think this look is perfect for day dressing if you want to feel a bit more glam then just wearing jeans and a tee. 

I have linked the boots here for you to take a look :) 


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Patterned Skirt

My camera is still broken so hence the minimal photos, there were three salvageable ones! Hey ho guess thats what happens when you put rent over lenses.... adult life. 

I'm literally loving being all snug and cosy in big knits at the moment, also they are literally the most flattering things ever like who even needs summer?! I'm also a fan of a lovely patterned skirt to add a bit of life to an autumnal outfit and I love thick tights they are so much more snug then jeans.

When I spotted this skirt in Zara I literally fell in love, the pattern on it is so beautiful and autumnal even with the colours and I really think I can wear this in the spring and summer as well. Also when a skirt is only £17.99 how can you even walk away from it???  It's such a lovely cord like material as well and it looks much more expensive then it cost - what I always look for in my clothing!

So if you are feeling a little bit of daytime glam I would definitely recommend a lovely printed skirt with a big chunky knit and some black boots!

Skirt -


Monday, 9 November 2015

Skinny Scarf Loving

Just wanted to start off with a little note that my camera lens is broken so prepare for the next few sets of photos to be blurry and non focused but I thought it's time to get back on the outfit posts horse because it is my favourite thing to do. 

I've recently moved to Coventry and there is the most beautiful memorial park ever which is where these photos were taken. Outfit details can be found below;

Skinny Scarf - Zara

Boots - Zara -

Dress - H&M -


Thursday, 15 October 2015


So I recently did a sky dive for charity! It was for the league of friends of the alex hospital which is my local hospital and it's a small charity that provides the cafe services and fundraising for the hospital. It was literally the most amazing experience of my life so I wanted to fill you in a bit if you are thinking of doing one. 

It's scary af waiting for the sky dive and the little plane you go up in is possibly even scarier, the only thing that really relaxed me was the views and gosh were they amazing. We did our skydive in the countryside as you can imagine and the views of the fields and small villages were simply breathtaking. In fact that breathtaking that I literally forgot i was about to free fall out of a plane. 

It was terrifying but weirdly exciting watching other people jump out of the plane, then it hit my turn. The man shuffled down on the floor and you don't really have time to take in whats happening before you are out. Free falling was absolutely terrifying, mainly the fact I couldn't breathe properly. The instructor I was with pointed upwards so I knew to put my head up up. When I actually caught my breath it was so amazing, there is literally no feeling like it, the rush of adrenalin is crazy. We were free falling for a total of 45 seconds which was actually a mind blowing 13,000 feet! 

My favourite part of all was when the parachute opened up and you could really look at all of the surroundings. The feeling that you are just floating through the air was amazing and of course the views were an added bonus. I felt like I never wanted to come back down to earth. 

The descent was pretty easy, I just put my feet on the instructors and he did all the work. We literally landed feet down and carried on walking, I felt a bit like I was a bond girl walking away from a burning explosion after parachuting to safety ha ha. I did notice that everyone else fell over so felt pretty good about not hurting my bum! 

Overall it was just an amazing experience and although I looked a bit like a weird version of Andy Pandy I would 10000% do it all over again. I feel so privileged to have been given the opportunity to do a sky dive let alone the fact it was for such a good cause! 

In total me and emma raised £1,750 for charity and had the best day of our lives. If you have the chance to do one I would strongly recommend, also why not do it for charity and contribute to an amazing cause that you hold really close to your hearts. 


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bicester Village

So finally back to blogging... it's been a long time and literally everything in my life has changed. I got a promotion and moved to a new city and moved out on my own! Anyways enough of that, I went to Bicester village on Friday and it was so wonderful.

I never really expected it to be so clean and lovely, everything looked really neat and the shops were all amazing. I always thought that maybe it wouldn't be so reduced looking at the prices online but you could actually get some good deals. I fell slightly in love with the makeup and perfume shop.

I overly treated myself in my normal fashion and ended up buying a Kate Spade handbag and also some Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

I couldn't believe how cheap things were! My double wear foundation which has a usual retail value of £30 ended up being only £21! I was really happy about this as I have wanted to try the double wear for so long but the reductions definitely swayed me. The Cosmetics Company store was really good and it had a large amount of discounted stock, I believe most of it was discontinued or old stock however mac had a lot of the Toledo collection which to be honest isn't really my fave anyways.

However, obviously the star of the show was my new handbag! I couldn't believe it, I literally fell in love when my eyes set sight on it. I really shouldn't have brought it but you know, gotta live by the drake Yolo motto. It was over £300 retail value and I got it for £148.80 as it had an extra 20% off in a private sale! Was really quite expensive and I have never brought a designer bag before but my boyfriend convinced me it was a good idea haha.

Anyways, here is my beautiful new Kate Spade handbag!


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mustard vibes

Hey, so it's been a while since I posted but I've just been so busy :( Back to having no life now so can finally work on my blog some more! I have recently purchased THE MOST PERFECT SHOES IN THE UNIVERSE! I think I have wanted them for about 3 months from Zara and thought I had been dreaming about them long enough to treat myself! I have featured them in this post so it is more of an evening look as these are not shoes to be worn in the day. I am just going to say these are my first pair of Zara heels and OMG they are so comfy! Literally in love with how I can run around in them, also I am the least gracious drunk in the planet so they help on nights out too! Teamed the shoes up with a mustard coloured relaxed blouse from H&M which I love! It's such a nice shape and honestly so so comfortable, the fabric is wonderful for the price. I obviously paired this with my statement topshop clutch bag and a little hat for a more quirky look! 


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Side Split Knits

With the weather as unpredictable as it has been recently I decided to do a post on my favourite Jumper at the moment, as per it's from H&M. The transitional seasons can be a tough time for fashion, like I want to wear sandals and dresses yet I probably should be wearing wellies and Coats - How do you combat that? With a jumper of course! This jumper is a beautiful stone like colour which makes it perfect for transitional wear and as the sleeves on it are mid-length it also has more of a summery feel to it whilst still being a relatively thick jumper. Also, it was £14.99! Like seriously how can you even complain?!

I decided to go casual with the look as I feel that's all what Spring and Summer is about, so decided to throw on my primark ripped skinnies, suede ASOS boots and my new Jeepers Peepers sunnies. 


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mid-Week Musts

I'm not sure if online window shopping should be classed as a hobby but it is definitely one of my top choices (closely followed by netflix as I have no life) but as always I have been doing the rounds and wanted to pick out my top wants for the week to hopefully inspire you all.

Jacquard Pattern Top - Zara - £25.99

Swing Dress with tie front - ASOS - £25

Utility Playsuit - Miss Selfridge - £45
Longline Striped Shirt - Topshop - £38 

Smock Dress - Glamorous - £26 
Fringed Heel Sandals - Zara - £49.99 
Bag - Zara - £109 

Blouse - £35 - River Island 

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