Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bicester Village

So finally back to blogging... it's been a long time and literally everything in my life has changed. I got a promotion and moved to a new city and moved out on my own! Anyways enough of that, I went to Bicester village on Friday and it was so wonderful.

I never really expected it to be so clean and lovely, everything looked really neat and the shops were all amazing. I always thought that maybe it wouldn't be so reduced looking at the prices online but you could actually get some good deals. I fell slightly in love with the makeup and perfume shop.

I overly treated myself in my normal fashion and ended up buying a Kate Spade handbag and also some Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

I couldn't believe how cheap things were! My double wear foundation which has a usual retail value of £30 ended up being only £21! I was really happy about this as I have wanted to try the double wear for so long but the reductions definitely swayed me. The Cosmetics Company store was really good and it had a large amount of discounted stock, I believe most of it was discontinued or old stock however mac had a lot of the Toledo collection which to be honest isn't really my fave anyways.

However, obviously the star of the show was my new handbag! I couldn't believe it, I literally fell in love when my eyes set sight on it. I really shouldn't have brought it but you know, gotta live by the drake Yolo motto. It was over £300 retail value and I got it for £148.80 as it had an extra 20% off in a private sale! Was really quite expensive and I have never brought a designer bag before but my boyfriend convinced me it was a good idea haha.

Anyways, here is my beautiful new Kate Spade handbag!

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